WP Live Chat plugin wordpress para hablar con tus clientes


El complemento de Chat en vivo más rentable. Chatea con tus visitantes gratis! El soporte de WP Live Chat es perfecto para pequeñas empresas. No es necesario pagar las suscripciones mensuales del chat en vivo para comprender mejor a sus visitantes. Este es un complemento de chat en vivo totalmente funcional. Aumente sus tasas de conversión comunicándose directamente con sus visitantes cuando estén listos para hacerlo con la asistencia de WP Live Chat.



  • El plugin de chat de WordPress más popular
  • WP Live Chat Support es un complemento de chat en vivo totalmente funcional
  • Ilimitados simultáneos chats en vivo
  • Chatea en vivo directamente con tus visitantes
  • Interfaz fácil de usar tanto para el administrador como para el visitante
  • Editar todos los campos de texto que se muestran en el cuadro de chat en vivo
  • Los usuarios pueden arrastrar el cuadro de chat en vivo alrededor de su página
  • Cambiar los colores del cuadro de chat en vivo
  • Tablero de chat de administración totalmente receptivo
  • Los mensajes sin conexión ahora están almacenados (Cuando el chat en vivo está desactivado)
  • 6 temas de caja de chat en vivo predefinidos para elegir
  • Experiencia de chat en vivo totalmente personalizable
  • Aplicar animaciones a la ventana de chat
  • Accede a registros históricos de chat en vivo
  • Utiliza nuestro nuevo y poderoso servidor de retransmisión de mensajes Node.js para mejorar el rendimiento de tus chats en vivo
  • Compatible con plugins de traducción
  • Integración de Google Analytics
  • Cree un formulario de mensaje sin conexión personalizado cuando no esté en línea
  • Add surveys or polls to your chat box, before or after a chat session
  • Anonymity for your visitors
  • GIF integration
  • No monthly live chat subscriptions needed
  • Allow the live chat box to automatically pop up
  • Limit the live chat box to only show to registered users
  • Compatible with all caching plugins (live chat window loaded via Ajax)
  • Desktop Notifications when receiving new live chats
  • View any live chats you may have missed
  • Set the starting position of your chat box
  • Comprehensive list of live chat options
  • Enable/Disable the chat box on mobile devices
  • Enable/Disable the sound when a new live chat message is received
  • Ban visitors from chatting to you based on IP Address
  • Allow the live chat box to automatically pop up
  • Limit the live chat box to only show to registered users
  • Select whether Name and Email is required when users initiate a chat
  • Enable/Disable the chat box on mobile devices
  • Enable/Disable the sound when a new live chat message is received


  • Unlimited live chat agents
  • Initiate live chats with online visitors
  • Agent to agent chats
  • See what your users are typing before they send their message
  • Track certain visitor events (scrolling, clicking, page views, etc.)
  • Quick Responses (insert a predefined response to your live chat box)
  • Data triggers (time trigger, scroll trigger, page trigger, on page leave trigger)
  • Reporting (chat stats, popular pages, ROI tracking and reporting, customer satisfaction ratings)
  • Customer satisfaction ratings for each chat session
  • ROI tracking
  • Fully responsive admin chat dashboard
  • Compatible with all caching plugins (live chat window loaded via Ajax)
  • Desktop Notifications when receiving new live chats
  • Documentation suggestions
  • Transfer chats to another agents
  • Departments
  • Set up your user profile
  • Add your company logo to the live chat window
  • Add your photo to the live chat window
  • Edit all text fields shown on the live chat box
  • Include/exclude the live chat from appearing on certain pages
  • Fully customizable live chat experience
  • Choose when to accept chats
  • World-class support

Get the WP Live Chat Support Pro Add-on for a once off payment!


  • Mobile and desktop App – we are currently in beta stage with our mobile and desktop live chat app. If you would like to help test, please get in touch.
  • Improvements – Better link and image handling within the live chat text area
  • New feature – Triggers – Build custom live chat triggers. For example, if a user has been idle for more than 2 minutes, initiate a live chat and send a response.


Our live chat plugin instantly gives you the ability to chat directly with potential clients and/or website visitors when they’re ready to do so. Initiate a live chat with a certain visitor or wait for them to initiate a live chat with you. Increase your website conversion rates by providing real time live support.


Once the live chat plugin is activated, click on “Live Chat” in the left menu navigation. As soon as a visitor lands on your website, their details will be displayed in the live chat control panel. A live chat box will be displayed on their screen. If they fill out their details and click “Start chat”, a ringing sound will trigger in your live chat control panel. Once you accept the chat, you can communicate directly with your visitor.


One of the most important tasks of your website is to educate potential customers of your product and/or service. By having a live chat window on your website, this gives you the opportunity to do this.

  • Live chat is convenient for customers
  • Live chat builds trust with your potential customers
  • Increase sales by using live chat
  • Take advantage of a fully functional live chat plugin for free.
  • Reduce costs by using live chat on your website with minimum staff
  • Learn to understand the pain points of your customers


You now have the choice to host your live chat on either your own website (using your own resources) or our live chat server (using our resources). Making use of our live chat server will improve your chat’s performance by up to 300% and reduce the load on your host. Although we initially built our live chat plugin to be used on your own website and for you to host your own live chat server, we now offer you the ability to make use of an offsite live chat server – this is perfect for users that are on low-level hosting packages, or users that are more concerned about live chat performance and chat security.


Get a free copy of one of the premium WP Live Chat Support extensions in exchange for translating our plugin!

  • Inglés
  • German (Dennis Klinger & Benjamin Schindler)
  • Spanish (Sergio Castrillon & Ana Ayelen Martinez & Olivier Gantois)
  • Russian (Igor Butsky)
  • French (Marcello Cavallucci & Olivier Gantois)
  • Brazilian (Gustavo Silva)
  • Hebrew (David Cohen)
  • Slovakian (Dana Kadarova)
  • Swedish (Tobias Sernhede – adser.se)
  • Mongolian (Monica Batuskh)
  • Romanian (Sergiu Balaes)
  • Czech (Pavel Cvejn)
  • Danish (Mikkel Jeppesen Juhl & Kasper Jensen)
  • Italian (Angelo Giammarresi)
  • Dutch (Elsy Aelvoet)
  • Greek (Peter Stavropoulos)
  • Norwegian (Robert Nilsen & Ole Petter Holthe-Berg)
  • Hungarian (GInception & Andor Molnar)
  • Indonesian (Andrie Willyanta)
  • Finnish (Arttu Piipponen)
  • Dutch (Niek Groot Bleumink)
  • Polish (Sebastian Kajzer)
  • Turkish (Yavuz Aksu)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Luis Simioni)
  • Farsi (Maisam)
  • Croatian (Petar Garzina)
  • Chinese – Simplified^
  • Chinese – Traditional^

^ Language file needs updating

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